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Patent Search / Prior Art Search

The first step in the patenting process is to have a patent attorney perform a professional patent search, also known as a prior art search, to determine whether your invention is original as compared to the prior art. Prior art is any information, which has been publically disclosed, that is relevant to an invention or an invention's claim of originality. 


A professional patent search helps to determine whether there are existing patents or patent applications that are similar to your invention. Basically, they  establish what else is "out there" in your area of technology, including who your potential competitors may be, if any, and whether there is room for any additional improvements over existing technology. 


Patentability Opinions

Once a professional patent search has been completed, at no extra cost the Law Office of Sean Christian Connolly provides a Patentability Opinion, which includes copies of the references, or prior art, that were discovered during the search. A Patentability Opinon is a useful tool that lets an inventor know the "lay of the land" in their area of technology and provides proof that an inventor conducted due diligence before pursuing patent protection and bringing a product to market.


Call the Law Office of Sean Christian Connolly today for a free phone consultation to discuss your particular situation. Flat fee services are available for patent searches and Patentability Opinions.



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